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 This seems like a great opportunity to pimp out the my new Tumblr: tea me one more time.

It's a Miles Edgeworth picture tumblr because even after all this time I'm still infatuated with him. I try not to be a typical annoying fangirl, but it may not come across in my attempts at humorous commentary.

I even posted the link in the "links" section in my sidebar along side other links that time hasn't been kind to.

So if you have a Tumblr, follow me or do what I've been doing during the year of inactivity of this blog, lurk.

Thoughts on "The ATM Guy"

Ever since reading Matt's article about the scariest segments in Unsolved Mysteries, I've been very obsessed with this one case:

I've also been watching episodes of Unsolved Mysteries nonstop on YouTube, and I need stop doing that. I've turned into such a big pussy. I don't know how I survived my childhood as I used to watch this program at night...alone.

Two things about this ATM (spoiler alert) murder case. I kind of don't want to point these out, but I'm going to anyway:

1. Had this person had direct deposit then he wouldn't be depositing his paycheck at midnight. Then again, this was the late 80's so maybe direct deposit wasn't as popular as it is now. Also, there are people who work late shifts, so maybe depositing a check at three AM is the only time they can do so.

Which leads me to point two...

2. Depositing your paycheck at midnight is very, very dangerous. I don't care if the place is well lit, or if I'm with a buddy, I'm not depositing my check at midnight, and it wouldn't be at an ATM. I rather do my financial transactions inside the bank where there is at least some measure of security.

It's easy to see why I've been thinking about this case: this case is far more belivable than a UFO sighting or a ghost story. An ATM murder case can happen in real life whereas with a UFO sighting, you sometimes have to question the witnesses sanity. These types of true crime stores always get me because this could happen to anyone. It's like what Matt said in the article: No matter how normal you live your life, bad people are out there and they're out to get you.

Tonight on tigediane:Autotune Kills

Britney's version of "Telephone" leaked

This is me at the moment:

I like it. Not as good as Gaga's, but I love this song. It may be autotuned as fuck, but I can actually listen to the song's lyrics. 

I also want to talk about homeboy's interview with CBS:

This won't take long. There were no groundbreaking revelations in this interview. It was the same information I've heard before: that this whole situation was NBC's fault.

The best moment in this interview comes at in at 7:30 - Conan's reaction to Jay Leno's stupid comment about how they both got screwed. Conan's reaction was just gold.

Second best moment was at 11:50 when the interviewer mentions NBC's debatable comment on how the Tonight Show was going to lose money had Conan been left to host. Conan's rebuttal, when you read it on paper, doesn't stand out, but watching his answer to that question it took me off guard. It's the most serious mood I've ever seen him in.

His humor during interviews is intact, but you could tell that this situation still bothers him.

Yes, I'm alive.

I feel like I need to comment on the whole Conan vs. NBC situation because people have asked my opinion on this clusterfuck of a late night television upheaval (plus I need to update this journal...eleven weeks without an update, wow.)

Tigediane cares about the Conan vs NBC situation, but others may not so ergo, this cutCollapse )

Happy Halloween everyone. Enjoy this Halloween safety video from 1977 while I party down.

Oh, one thing about last night

Oh hell no...

Do you realize how far away that Target is to my job? Spoiler alert: it's a five minute train ride. This is like the time I missed seeing Andy Richter eating lunch at a nearby restaurant when I was in high school.

I have plenty of things to say about the Britney concert last night, but I don't feel like doing a write up right now. I will say that the show was beyond my expectations. It was just fantastic.

Zombie Cabbage Batch Kids

Hi! I haven't forgotten about you lurkers. I've just been real busy adjusting to my new job. Still love it although I'm pass the honeymoon stage now.

Aww... :(Collapse )

Shoot the Fish

When I heard that The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien was showing a remote of Andy and him doing voice overs for an anime, in this case Ghost in the Shell, I immediately turned on my television set.

Admittedly, any form of anime mockery is something I enjoy, not because I hate anime, but because it's easy to do. Every once in awhile when I'm bored, I watch an anime film and I like some; it isn't something I go hardcore over.

But anyway, let the mocking begin:

Some scenes of note that made me LMAO:

1. The looks on both Conan and Andy's face when the guy at Bang Zoom! asked them if they watched anime.

2. Them zoning out when same guy described the plot of Ghost in the Shell.

3. Conan and Andy reciting the Manga Company logo (hmmm, I've been pronouncing "manga" wrong this whole time. Why didn't someone tell me?)

4. Conan freaking out over a male character looking like a girl (I can only imagine the reaction he would have if he were playing MMX and seeing Zero for the first time.)

5. The best part: Their improvisation routine of a scene from Ghost in the Shell.

Conan needs to consider a second career in voice acting. He's damn good at it.

Oh Conan, you were always my teen idol...

I haven't seen this remote since sophomore year of high school. So many memories of me barricading myself in my room watching Late Night.

Hey, tigediane, I hear you have a twitter account. Is this true?

Why, yes : http://twitter.com/tigediane.

Follow me if you want. My twitter account is as boring as this journal. I will try and write more, I swear!



What the hell is this?

I've never participated in these fandoms. Just because I lurk in those communities, doesn't mean I'm involved in them. I'm surprised that MMX isn't on that list considering I was writing Zero/X fanfics for our tiny fandom over at GJ and IJ.

While you're at it, check out the new and improved (i.e botanical) UABM, my fanfic site I haven't updated in a year. That will soon change once I get adjusted into my new job.

What? You haven't heard?

Yes, I got a new job! I started this past Wednesday, and things are looking super. I'm doing data entry in the HR department for a commercial real estate company. Whether you want to say this is a upgrade or a downgrade from being an Assistant Manager is up to you, but I feel it's a massive upgrade. My new boss is light years ahead my former one; my co-workers are awesome. I'm working Downtown in the Arts District so easy accessibility anywhere. Good opportunity to advance, and I'm working for an excellent company. It's all I've wanted in a job and more. I just feel better and more confident.

And what's wrong with that?